Cube black identified as omnibus f4

same computer, and drone. cant update, board is recognized as an omnibus f4 now… did the direct driver install from hex, same result.

Just to clarify, it’s being recognised as a Omnibus F4 in mission planner and you can’t upload firmware from mission planner to the fc? Is the cube ‘official’ I.e. is it made by ProfiCNC/Hex, and what carrier board are you using?
You might need to manually flash the firmware you want. It can be found at the following link:
You’ll need a dfu flashing program, read the following:

Hope you get your problem sorted!

Are you sure it’s not actually a chinese aluminimum case resembling a Pixhawk 2.1 with a racer FC crammed inside !? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@Sweep you should never need to use dfu on a Cube. Please don’t advise users to do that.
I’d suggest updating to latest Missionplanner and checking that, as a first step.
If there’s still an issue, check QGC.

I’ve put a couple more hours into this. May be a driver/computer issue. Any F4 board i plug in, is registering as an omnibus F4. Yet i’ve never owned, or plugged in an omnibus. weird. It is a legit proficnc/hex cube black. second bird its been in, and successfully flown a couple hundred hours, and been setup numerous times on the same computer. Uninstalled/reinstalled mission planner numerous times, trying QGC next. I did successfully flash current firmware on my widows vista desktop, but mission planner wont load the GUI correctly on that rig. Any ideas?

I’ll ping @proficnc and @meee1 just in case someone else has seen this.
If it was just one board I’d think it was a bootloader problem (although an unusual one), but if it’s not limited to a single unit, you might be right about drivers.

It may be worth just updating all your Autopilot drivers from the new driver install pack Michael has released

how are you determining its identifying as an omnibus?

Device manager, Windows 10 pro, surface book 2. Just made leaps and bounds on QGC though.