Cuav V5, software problem with Power 2


when I plug in the second power module
the second compass from the Neo V2 is no longer available. If I remove the plug from the second power module, the compass is also present again.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

There is a tech note relative to power modules.

Do not plug Digital or Analog PM onto connectors configured for other type of PM

If you plug an Analog PM into a digital PM connector it will stop all the I2C devices on that bus. Specifically this will stop the GPS’s compass due to contention, and may also damage the FMU (longer term).

Similarly, a digital PM plugged into a analog connector will not work, and may also damage/destroy the power module (longer term).

  • Found: Batch 01

The batch number is the last two digits of the serial number that appears on a sticker on the side of the flight controller. For example, the serial number V011907XXXX 01 indicates the flight controller was in batch 01.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Both power modules are from Cuav for the V5+. Nevertheless this problem?
Which power module can be used alternatively?

If both modules are from CUAV, it seems to be a hardware conflict. Ask CUAV.