CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor

Anyone got their hands on the new CUAV SKYE airspeed sensor? Looks like it has all the bells and whistles for a professional plane/VTOL solution in a very small and affordable package. However, all I see is rendered images and not much chatter or reviews about it online. Currently out of stock with CUAV as well.



We have some in hand, it has an internal sensor and can communicate with CAN interface. You can check this blog post that covers the first time it has released in Shenzhen Expo.

SKYE is already on sale in the CUAV Store

I have opened a PR to support the hygrometer data from this sensor, giving sensor temperature and humidity

I plan to incorporate this into the 4.3.2 release

Hi there!
I bought the sensor on the Aliexpress. Turned the sensor on several times. The last time I turned it on was today. The result is in the picture - pitot melted and burned. I don’t know what’s wrong, what could go wrong. The power supply is 15 volt. Connected via the board included with the Airspeed HUB. The receiver is melted so much that the protective cap to collect and drain the water is soldered in place.