CUAV SKYE Airspeed Sensor

Anyone got their hands on the new CUAV SKYE airspeed sensor? Looks like it has all the bells and whistles for a professional plane/VTOL solution in a very small and affordable package. However, all I see is rendered images and not much chatter or reviews about it online. Currently out of stock with CUAV as well.



We have some in hand, it has an internal sensor and can communicate with CAN interface. You can check this blog post that covers the first time it has released in Shenzhen Expo.

SKYE is already on sale in the CUAV Store

I have opened a PR to support the hygrometer data from this sensor, giving sensor temperature and humidity

I plan to incorporate this into the 4.3.2 release

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Hi there!
I bought the sensor on the Aliexpress. Turned the sensor on several times. The last time I turned it on was today. The result is in the picture - pitot melted and burned. I don’t know what’s wrong, what could go wrong. The power supply is 15 volt. Connected via the board included with the Airspeed HUB. The receiver is melted so much that the protective cap to collect and drain the water is soldered in place.

Late to the party as ever, a friend has one of these and is not seeing positive results. Were they implemented?

Sorry for the late arrival, we have been trying to reproduce your issue before without success. Last month we received emails from users and found out the reason. Now we have released V1.1 firmware to fix bugs in the software. For your damaged skye, please contact your account manager, we will provide you with new hardware. Thanks.

Good afternoon. I have the same problem with the speed sensor. Please tell me how you changed the firmware? The instruction given to me by cuav does not work.

Please follow the instructions here to upgrade the firmware.Upgrade firmware · SKYE

Hello, i have problem with this sensor.
After switching on, the airspeed readings increase and the speed sensor on a stationary device shows a speed of 10-12 m/s, which is not normal. If you activate pre-flight calibration, the speed is reset to 1-2 m/s but then increases again to 10-12 m/s. Of course, there can be no talk about any accuracy of the readings. A similar ASPD4525 sensor from Matek works flawlessly.
I this screenshot i click preflight calibration.

In this you can see airspeed from CUAV sensor rise to 4.5m/s and i click preflight calibration again.

Watch out for that little housing cover that allows you access to the back of the tube. It can easily pop off and is not held down with very much. If you loose that crucial part of the setup, your sensor is as good as a CANBUS enabled dead nail. I suggest future versions have at least a screw to hold it in place yet keep it removable.

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When the heater has not completed heating, the temperature will continue to change, and you need to wait for heating to complete before performing calibration. Just a shift in sensor data due to temperature drift.

It worked for about 5 minutes, but the behavior did not change.

Yes, you are right. For innovative products, it is not perfect. We are making it a perfect product.

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Please set Log_disarmd to 1, wait 5 minutes and then get the log file from SD card, I need this file.

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You need a CANBUS hammer obs

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Is there a way to know when the temperature calibration of the airspeed sensor completes?

maybe I was wrong about 5 minutes the first time.
I left the pitot to warm up for 5-7 minutes and the drift really went away. But another problem arose. The pitot controller is detected after 3-4 starts. H743-Wing flight controller. Matek M10-CAN GPS and CUAV Skye are connected via a splitter. GPS is determined stably but the pitot controller is detected after 4-5 times. I’ve put off using it for now, I’ll look into it. The firmware is up to date. The Ardu launch delay is 2000ms so that the peripherals have time to load.

We had the same problem before too. It randomly is detected on startup. But I suspect this may be a CAN address issue.

You can observe the hygrotemp1 (skye temperature) data in the information bar. When its value is stable, it means that the heating has ended.