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CUAV Core X7 and NORA experience

This is a great find! I feel like this thread should be moved over to the CUAV Forum which may bring more attention to the issues we find.

I updated in the other thread regarding the CUAV HV PM - it didnt seem to suffer the same issue.


With a fresh new 5A-4S battery I had some more flights.

Low voltage drops are gone. I also received a M9N GPS and I use it in blend mode with the CUAV M8N.

Here is a video showing my Y6 with two GPS and a Benewake TFMiniPlus rangefinder.

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Hello, has anyone tried to use the Nora with Here2 by any chance? Any issues?

I have attempted to, but have been unsuccessful. I have the Here+ RTK and getting the Here GPS connected with the JST GH connectors are incompatible and I haven’t received the proper size to re-pin it. The Pro GPS that CUAV makes works extremely well and the I have found the built in compass is rock solid, even next to metal objects.


Hi @crazy1pilot, so basically you were unsuccessful for lack of the right cables, not for problems of integration? i.e you haven’t reached parameters problems and such, right?
So I can still have the hope of saving on that? :wink:

Yes, the main connector on the Here GPS is 8 pin and Nora is a 10 pin. You should be able to run it in CAN but there is a bit more configuration required to get the HERE GPS to work properly. The NEO Pro from CUAV runs on CAN as well but is very to setup. If you do end up using a HERE GPS report back how it works as I will most likely not be trying again.

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Some update:

I moved the Nora unit form my testbed Y6 to a larger Y6 with 15" propellers and camera.

Arducopter version is the latest 4.0.4 stable.

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One thing I have noticed for those who are using the NEO GPS from CUAV, the mount/mast that it comes with though it looks nice, is actually quite weak (as seen in the picture above). The arming switch being at the front of the GPS means every time you press down to arm your copter, you slowly bend the GPS mast. Not a big problem but more of something to be careful of.

Did you mount it using both screws in the base? I use a bunch of these and don’t have this issue. Also I have disabled the safety switch as I am not a fan of sticking my fingers in the areas of potential blade spin

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Yeah, both screws are used. its not the base that bends, but the top where the void is. Its only after many uses 20-30+ flights and pressing down on the GPS to arm the copter. It just starts to show a slight bend or lean forward. If your arming switch is disabled on the GPS that makes sense why you haven’t had this issue… Its not a big deal and they look nice, but I’ve had to bend it back after repetitive arming’s. Its not always me flying either, the same thing has happened to others who fly the system. Again it was just more of an FYI or “food for thought”.

I would secure that GPS wiring to the mast and to the frame base plate, leave enough length for flex at the flight controller. I’ve trimmed back some of the outer insulation so there is greater length of the thin wires exposed for more flexibility.

This is exactly what I did too…

I have to ask… How hard are you pushing on the switch? :joy:

Well, figured it and here is a small blog entry I created for the solution in the hope it will help someone.

Could you please share your Battery monitor parameters?
Is using CUAV HV PMU okay? Or are the settings different?


Here are my Nora Battery settings

Capture d’écran 2020-11-22 à 09.39.52

Nora have a CAN PMU. The is a note about CUAV HV PM here

CUAV HV PM voltage and current settings we use with a v5 Nano are:
These are derived from testing and calibration.

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Any one tried using the CAN PMU on Nora running PX4 and not Ardupilot???
I also used QGC, but I get all kinds of issues when I enable the CAM PMU.

I did but failed as well. It seems to me that the Nora px4 firmware does not support it.
I left a question for the experts in px4 Slack forum and in the meantime flying with the normal pmu mode

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