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Pixhack 5 (V5+)

Good day all

trust you are all healthy and well ?

According to CUAV website, the Pixhack V3x will shortly be not available and I am looking for a
replacement. The Pixhack 5 ( or V5+) seems a good choice but when I searched this forum, I found
this thread that seems to suggest that support for this generation of processors was not yet fully

Link for the V5+

Link to thread in 2018

Could someone perhaps assist with some information in this regard before I order this unit ?

Many thanks

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CUAV X7 or Nora are the best option.

The F7 and H7 processor families are fully supported and tested now.

Thank you amilcarlucas. Much appreciated !

Thank you miebret and all for the assistance !

Yes started looking at the V5+ and I got a bit focused on that. Since then, I noticed
the Nora and it seems a good FC. I particularly like the way it is constructed whereby the PCB’s are
not joined with solder joints but it seems to be a flexible strip-type-connection.


I don’t personally have a Nora but I helped out getting a big X8 flying that had replaced a Cube Orange, and Black before that, with a Nora. I was very impressed with this FC by time this craft was tuned and flying well.

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