CUAV Core X7 and NORA experience


I open this blog item to share experience about CUAV Core X7 and NORA. If relevant information come in the arducopter forum, I will add them to the blog.

I have a CUAV V5+ unit.

V5+ is dShot capable but with limitations. X7 can address and control 12 dShot esc as the NORA using the same processor.

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I ordered only the Core X7 to swap the Core V5+ on the carrier board.

And the X7 on the carrier board

I have an Y6 test bed. I will use all accessories from the V5+ and Benewake TFmini Plus as front proximity sensor and TF02-Pro as Altitude sensor.

From factory, X7 come with Quad Arducopter 4.0.4dev configuration. There is a test log saved on the memory card.

I stay with the factory firmware and I redo the settings for my Y6 multicopter

First flight was fine after checking Y6 motor configuration. Selecting Y6 and X configuration from mission planner tool gave me an Y6A (my motors were set for Y6B). Change was made before takeoff.

Voltage and current information was missing from the log. Looking at factory log, I discovered new settings.

Capture d’écran 2020-08-06 à 18.42.40

Battery volt and current pins are 16 and 17 (0 and 1 on V5+)

To be continued…

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I have both a Nora and a X7 cube on their way now. Should be here next week. I will also post my findings

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Impressive specs, hefty price tags.

I never owned one, are those cable sockets are proprietary or jst-gh? and behind the question, if all your current plugs are connected to a cube, do I need to redo all?

This may be a good thread to keep an eye on. @mlebret commented on my thread from earlier. I have two Nora’s I’m currently working with and have discovered one issue posted below:

The Nora and the X7 are essentially the same just different shape. the X7 Pro is also similar but has a much higher end Analog Systems IMU.

If I notice anything else along the way I will post my findings here as well. I have one Nora up and running on an old 3DR X8 platform, its configured with:

Copter 4.0.4 BETA (I noticed CUAV claims Copter 4.0.3 as fist supported version but this is incorrect.)
PX4Flow using Garmin V3
Two additional Garmin V3 Lidars for Simple Object Avoidance

I’ve jumped between Flow and GPS with good results.

I also have the Here+ RTK GPS and will be experimenting with it next.


I purchased the X7 pro as soon as it was released. I have not actually managed to find the time to get it in the air, I keep encountering little problems (Not to do with the controller). Maybe this weekend weather dependant.

All plugs are JST-GH. I had to rewire Benewake TFxx plugs to JST-GH. Benewake modules are powered from carrier board and CUAV power module.

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@mlebret thank you, much appreciated.

Courtesy of CUAV, I’m reporting about Nora.

Nora is the compact “all in one” unit sharing same processors and sensors as CUAV X7.

I received my Nora yesterday evening.

In the box:

Box inventory:

I will use my Y6 test bed with CUAV NEO GPS module and common hardware.

Power module is different, sBus receiver cable go to the RC In plug close to Mot1 out.

I didn’t realize CUAV had a Nora event going on, I hope more people see/ use these autopilots as they are some of the best built/performing. They remind me of the A3 from DJI but running Arducopter :fire::fire:

A few configuration tips:
The battery monitor had to be plugged into (POWER C)
Monitor Type - UAVCAN
Sensor - CUAV HV PM
This was the quickest way to set it up and works like a charm.

Auto configure did not work for me.

I just got in both my Nora and my X7 cube. Unfortunately I am in the middle of a move so it will be a couple a week’s before I take my Tarot 810 and fit the Nora up to it.

I will be using it with the CUAV CAN PMU as well as their Telelink

I made some PID modification and removed the TF02-Pro rangefinder. Front TFMiniPlus is now looking down for Altitude control.

Here is the altitude log of last flight,

And the RC-out with Up and Down motors in the same power range

Purpose of the flight was to check new settings and produce a better quality video than first shoot with phone.

External compass (IST8310 from GPS module) is now working and used as primary. I had to reset parameters by uploading new firmware (4.0.4 rc3) to identify external compass.

Here is an alert for X7-X7Pro-Nora users with CAN PMU.

Capture d’écran 2020-08-17 à 18.45.36

If battery voltage drop below 9,5V, easy with a 3S battery, possible with a 4S lazy one, PMU can stop powering Nora or your X7. I had three occurrences with my Nora configuration and I reproduced the drop at home with a Lab power source.

It could be a bad PMU but it is better to check your units and report result (good or bad) to CUAV.

At 10V PMU is powering the Nora, at 9.5V +0-0.5, Nora is not powered and reboot when 10V is restored.

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Good to know. I use 6s batteries in all my larger crafts

I also fly 6S on my larger one.

CUAV tech confirm the 10V mini to power Nora with CAN PMU. CUAV V5+ power module need also 10V (I checked mine).

It is safer to fly with good 4S and to have a battery low voltage protection.

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This is a great find! I feel like this thread should be moved over to the CUAV Forum which may bring more attention to the issues we find.

I updated in the other thread regarding the CUAV HV PM - it didnt seem to suffer the same issue.


With a fresh new 5A-4S battery I had some more flights.

Low voltage drops are gone. I also received a M9N GPS and I use it in blend mode with the CUAV M8N.

Here is a video showing my Y6 with two GPS and a Benewake TFMiniPlus rangefinder.

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Hello, has anyone tried to use the Nora with Here2 by any chance? Any issues?

I have attempted to, but have been unsuccessful. I have the Here+ RTK and getting the Here GPS connected with the JST GH connectors are incompatible and I haven’t received the proper size to re-pin it. The Pro GPS that CUAV makes works extremely well and the I have found the built in compass is rock solid, even next to metal objects.


Hi @crazy1pilot, so basically you were unsuccessful for lack of the right cables, not for problems of integration? i.e you haven’t reached parameters problems and such, right?
So I can still have the hope of saving on that? :wink: