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CRT PreArm: Roll (RC1) is not neutral in Mission Planner

Anybody help me on this please ? CRT PreArm: Roll (RC1) is not neutral in Mission Planner
The same fault appears for both Pitch and Roll.
Everything looks normal on my RC, unless I’m missing something.
I’ve tried re calibrating the radio on Mission Planner but with no change.

Check RC1 and RC2 trim, and deadzone. Actual values must be withing trim±deadzone

Sorry for the delay and thank you for the reply,
I am trying to setup a Pixhawk Cube Orange (latest firmware) with Arducopter. In Mission Planner (latest). The values for RC1 show MAX 2005 and MIN 982 values with the deadzone value of 20.

I have been taking my time and adding the correct settings for the Here2 gps.
I have also added a Yaapu script to my Jumper T16 (latest OpenTx firmware).
During this time I was able to arm it without any faults, except for GPS glitches as I was setting it up indoors then after a reboot of the Cube refused to arm throwing up the "ROLL RC1 is not neutral and PITCH RC1 is not neutral.
Is it something to do with the values ?

So he said rc value must be in range of rc trim ± rc deadband, nothing to do with min and max value.
Check the live pitch and roll rc in when you are trying to arm, then compare with your parameters for trim and deadband.

I’m an old boy (retired) trying to get my head round this.
The Radio shows 1502us when channel 1 Roll is at mid point.
The Radio shows 1500us when channel 2 Tilt is at mid point.
While Mission Planner deadband is set at 20. Am I missing something ?

and what are the RC1_TRIM and RC2_TRIM values ?

RC_1 TRIM 1494 pwm, RC_2 TRIM 1494 pwm

Can you enable LOG_DISARMED and try arming then send the log ?

It took a while to work how to do it.
I hope this is the correct file.
Here is a link to it
Thank you for looking.

OK, you should arm with throttle down and yaw(rudder)left. RC1 (pitch) and RC2 (roll) stays center.
You tried to arm with both sticks. This is why got error messages.

Andras your a star. Thank you so much.
In the past I have always believed the way to arm Pixhawks and Pixhacks/clones was to put both sticks in bottom opposite corners.
As always I was wrong again.
Big thank you to Andras to those who spent the time to answer my post. :grinning:


I am also having same problem PITCH RC1 is not neutral and ROLL RC2 IS not neutral when arming after firmware update. Never had problem arming before with both sticks down.

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