Crsf with Omnibus F4 Pro v3?

Simple question since I’m relatively new to ArduPlane: Does the Omnibus F4 Pro support crsf rc input and telemetry and also mavlink?
Also: My BEC outputs only 2a, is that enough to run this FC with 4 servos and GPS?

Yes Omnibus F4 Pro supports crsf. I have a few using ELRS with Yapuu telemetry.
I do not recommend using the internal BEC to drive 4 servos, maybe 2 micro but not more.

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Thanks a lot!
But just to be sure, you still can run the latest firmware on Omnibus F4 Por v3?

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Yes I compiled 4.2.2 Plane for my needs. If you are ok using dev just compile it using

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What would using dev mean? Or what are the reasons using/not using dev? (Just learning Ardupilot, sorry for the dumb question)

Sorry my bad. Dev means the current development branch (4.3.0 DEV) it includes all the latest changes in the code but is considered in beta state in practice they test every change in the code and I’ve never encounter a problem from using the development branch.

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Thanks! I know what dev is, but I’m not familiar with the ArduPlane development, so I don’t know how stable the versions are. But that sounds great if you’ve never encountered a problem. Another thing: Do you use MavLink? Is it reliable over crsf?

I only have used Mavlink over crsf on ELRS and Yapuu telemetry in the TX. It does work, but it isn’t very useful for me because:

  1. My TX is a small Jumper T12 Pro, small screen and kind of laggy.
  2. Limited to the range of the telemetry signal and currently my 5.8Ghz has greater range than my telemetry link.
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