CRSF Failsafe Only On Ardupilot Quad

I’ve searched the webs and found a ton of info on Tbs crossfire failsafe but no answers.

I have pixracer running the Arducopter version just before 4.3 stable. CRSF rc & telemetry on serial 2, Yaapu script on tx16s crsf txv2 250mw locked.

The weird thing is I have 4 other crossfire copters on Betaflight and they all fly fine with no failsafe. I have a hex on pixhawk but with FrSky with no issues. I’ve tried every type of crossfire receiver tbs has and they all randomly failsafe only on Arducopter.

It failsafes and comes right back triggering RTL. This happens on the bench or 1km away randomly.

Has anyone got to the bottom of the crossfire issues?

Do you get any warnings about DMA ports?

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No DMA port warnings so far that I know of. Where would DMA warning show up? I get “WRN: Rc Receiver Failsafe” on the radio Yappu message, and it usually only happens one time per flight, random timing.

Ref: 2 other antennas in the area but different freq 5.8ghz@400mw, 433mhz@1mw and Lidar lite v3

A DMA warning would come up in the same place. Have you tried different data rates on the CRSF module?

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Ah ok, i see what your saying. Its possible crsf doesent have the bandwidth for all of the info im sending and randomly dropping RC packets when it gets overloaded.

Right now its 150hz locked, force telemetry, 250mw locked. Ille start by dropping force telemetry and then play around with the rate.

Well this is interesting. I turned off “force telemetry” in the crsf txv2 module and I’m on battery pack 6 with no failsafe. The update rate on the radio also seems a lot faster, closer to instantly.

Also I’m getting 10 or so normal messages in Yaapu in the when I start up.i used to only get 1 or 2.

Still running 150hz locked and 250mw locked.

Next is sending it on my normal 1k mission and seeing how it does at range, but so far so good.

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