Crossfire SBUS not working

Trying to do first time setup of cube orange, I have a crossfire nano-rx already bound to my transmitter, and I changed channel ne of my nano rx from CRSF TX to SBUS. However when I plug it in to the RCIN port I receive not connection or response from the controller output map. The RX has power and successfully binds with the controller, but I cant get the cube to register the response.

Any ideas?

It’s more common to use CRSF protocol with a serial port.

Plugging a CRSF receiver into a nice autopilot like a Cube Orange and then forcing it to talk SBus sounds totally backwards…

I see, both telemetry ports are occupied, should it be possible to use the GPS2 serial port as a way to connect to it?

Both telemetry ports are occupied, should the GPS2 serial port work with setting up crossfire if I change the protocol?

Yes, the GPS ports are just labelled as such. They are all serial ports.

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