Crossfire + Mavlink + Smart Audio?

Picked up a Crossfire Micro + Nano and was wondering if it’s possible to use this to switch my VTX power? Wired up on a Matek F405.

Currently I have:
CH1 = sbus
CH2 = open
CH3 = Mavlink tx
CH4 = Mavlink rx
CH5 = open
CH6 = open

This works but…

But once I set Mavlink - I can’t seem to set Smart Audio on any other channel. If I assign Smart Audio on 3 or 4, I can’t do Mavlink.

I got this working…

Crossfire Nano:
Ch 3 & 4 = Mavlink RX/TX >>> TX3/RX3 on my Matek F405
Ch 1 = Smart Audio >>> Smart Audio on my RDQ Mach2 VTX

Instead of using Sbus set “RC over Mavlink” to ‘On’

I can now tweak my VTX power from my Taranis!