Crop sprayer and mission planning (adding obstacles to survey grid)

Is there any way to add obstacles as on dji application?

At mission planner i only wave survey grid for photos, is there any way to adopt it for crop sprayer?


Any solution with that?

currently there is no exclusion ability, however i am looking to add it into the future.


Any ETA with that? Or we have to change to DJI N3 AG, but that will costs 1700$

Until it’s done, use UgGCS and use custom no-fly zones to plan grids that avoid certain areas.

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Hello, how is it going? Is this function be available now?

Nope…but free feel to gear up and help write it :smiley:

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:frowning: Sorry that I am not familiar to these large scale developing projects. Perhaps I will write a small tool for way-point generating and sharing for the community soon!


precision mule is a web interface that will let you plan missions with obstacles… it will generate a waypoint file that you can load into mission planner


you can now use fence’s to add exclusion zones, and enable avoidance to auto navigate around an area.
ie you plan the mission as per normal, then add exclusions, and the drone will plan its way around without going through the exclusion zone.


I will consider using it. Thank you so much!

Thanks for this awesome new feature!

Is there some documentation yet on this new feature in Mission Planner? I have played with it a little bit but am unsure of a couple of things such as:

  1. How do you download the fences to the AP? Is it packaged with the waypoints for the mission? Can you save the fence coordinates to a file?
  2. Can you have multiple avoidance zones? If so, how?

I watched Randy’s (@rmackay9) videos showing how well the algorithms work (awesome!), but they did not demonstrate multiple zones or how to create the avoidance fences.

I will be glad to create a tutorial video showing how to use the feature in MP if I can learn how myself by some way.

This is an awesome feature by the way and I look forward to using it.
I also am experimenting with the Precision Mule, referenced above. It builds the mission with the avoided areas taken into account. This creates a good many extra waypoints, but doesn’t require any special processing in the AP.

Both methods are good, in my opinion.


“complex fences” can be uploaded to AP using MP’s Plan screen. The basic steps are:
For creating a circular fence:

  1. connect with MP, open the Plan screen
  2. select “Fence” from the top right drop-down
  3. if you just click on the map it will add a circular inclusion fence. You can change it to an exclusion fence from the command list area. You’ll also need to manually set the radius (in meters).

For creating a polygon fence:

  1. click on the pentagon icon on the left and select, “Draw Polygon”
  2. draw a polygon on the screen
  3. select the pentagon icon again and select, “Fence inclusion” or “Fence Exclusion”

TBH, I find the interface a bit uintuitive and I’ve created an issue here with some suggestions for improvements.

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This was very helpful and I have been able to create multiple exclusion fences and upload them to the flight controller. I see that you upload them from their own screen and upload the mission from its normal screen separately. I cleared the fences and read them back from the flight controller and all seems to work. I agree with your list of suggested changes on github which would make things a little more intuitive. But, this is awesome.

One other thing I would like to see is an option to show both the mission and the fences on the same screen in the planning mode (maybe just a shortcut key or check box that you can toggle on and off easily. I do see that I see the fences on the normal Flight Data screen, so that is good. This might be a low priority item. I also haven’t worked with it much.

I will give this a test run very soon in the field! I have put 65 hours of runtime on my mower in the last week cutting about 40 acres.

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i am working on a replacement for this atm


I am very interested by this. I use uav for agricultural for biological plant protection and I need to do survey mission between 5 and 15 meter max with exclusion zone (trees, power line, etc…) and bordering (not spraying or sowing out the field).
Usualy I dowload the field shape file and set the mission and make avoidance by hand.
Sorry but i don’t realy understand how I can set a survey mission with eclusion and bordering.
If somebody can explain me, that will be nice.

I have a new flight controller that is working properly and thought I would try this feature but I get an error: FENCE_CIRCLE_EXCLUSION MAV_MISSION_UNSUPPORTED.

you need to use master, its not in stable

Ok. Thanks. Honestly, I didn’t know there was a “master”. I’ll figure out how to get it and try it. I really like the way you are separating the exclusion and inclusion regions from the mission. I presume the idea is that one could define these regions and they remain in the flight controller. Then missions can be planned at will with no worry about these regions every time. Brilliant!

Is there a master binary for each flight controller? I can’t find it if there is. I see stables and betas for the various flavors at The “devbuild” link is broken.