Creating New Flight Mode Similar to FBWB


I am doing a bit of experimentation and have a few ideas that I want to implement into a new flight mode. Based off of some preliminary findings, FBWB will be a decent place to start/copy code and functions from. For safety purposes, I am only working inside of Xplane 11 and mission planner for the autopilot, once I can get some decent flights in the simulator, I’ll transfer it over to some of my physical models for more accurate testing. I’ve noticed the documentation exists for the copter mode, but not for plane. I did try to follow the Copter instructions but it did not work for the plane code.

I am inside of the code for Ardupilot and can see the functions and files that the different flight modes use (FWBA, Circle, Manual etc.) as well as the header files such as sensors, altitude and so on. I’ve already tried making a copy of FBWB’s files and functions called FBWC, just to see if I can get the new flight mode to pop up inside of mission planner. However, after spending a few hours combing through the code and double checking everything is copied correctly, FBWC still does not appear inside of mission planner as a selectable option. Any help is greatly appreciated, I understand this is a rather unorthodox thing to be trying.

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Did you follow the 6th and 7th steps here?

Yes, I added it to the @values list. I am confused on what the phrase ‘Once committed to master…’ means on step 6 of that documentation. I do recompile the code after changes if that’s what it means.

The copter documentation was helpful to get this far, but I feel like there is starting to be a disconnect between that and the plane mode that I’m trying to set up.