Crashing my drone due to loosing of Altitude

when I am Making a mission with my hex-copter, drone altitude is losing when it is entering into the mission sometime. I set all PSC_ACCZ parameters. please help me. LOG

Did you follow the arducopter tuning process instructions ?
Do you have MOT_HOVER_LEARN set to 2 (LEARN) ?
What is your MOT_THST_HOVER value?
Have you searched this forum for answers?

Why would you do that? No battery voltage monitoring so thrust scaling won’t work. Graph you RC Outputs and see if they are where they should be (they are not). Everyone should be capable of doing this themselves at this point.


I did initially. Due to Voltage Calibrations, I get some problems in Autotune. The problem early firing for battery failsafe(after failsafe trigger I check with cell meter, then cell meter is showing 30 to 40 % batter is remaining), That is why I disable this voltage monitor. And I am using a lipo checker for low voltage alarms.

@dkemxr Sir I did not understand this sentence. Can you please provide me a link.

I am failing in the setting above.

Thank you @dkemxr


Yes Sir, But except for voltage scaling. if I use this, Without a low voltage, the battery failsafe is firing.



Yes sir.

Plot the RC outputs from the log to troubleshoot the problem.

What do we see here?

Your average commanded motor outputs at hover are ~1700us. This is indicative of insufficient thrust:weight. Then we see Yaw commanded, from the Mission command I suppose, and what happens? 2 CW motors are commanded to max, 2 CCW motors commanded to min so it lacks overall thrust for stability.

Now you know how to troubleshoot this after you fix your thrust:weight problem.

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@dkemxr Sir, thank you for this expiation. what this log analyzer name.

APM Planner but you can use Mission Planner or UAV Logviewer.

OK @dkemxr Sir,

Thank you Sir

And use voltage scaling!!!

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OK @amilcarlucas Sir, I will do that.
Thank you @amilcarlucas Sir