Crash with Hexacopter on Copter 3.6 RC6

Some days ago I had a crash with my Hexacopter.
Firmware: Copter 3.6 RC6 on Pixhawk 1.

It flew a few times well.
This time I started on Loiter, copter started to rotate immediately.
Landed it on the Garage with only broken landing gear.

Maybe someone could have a look at the logs.

I believe there was an error with the compass, but not sure if that’s right.

Thanks in advance.


00000006.BIN (578.6 KB)

Looks like motor 3 failed.
As soon as it’s output starts to drop RCout4 is reduced to minimum.
Output goes to max on RCout3 with the other outputs trying to compensate.

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Thanks for having a look.

I saw this in the logs too and tested the motors yesterday.
All motors spin up without showing any problems.
Maybe it’s a contact problem or something like that.
Will have some more investigation this weekend.