Crash when change mode STABILIZE -> ALTHOLD

Hello! I’ve tried to fly indoor to test vibrations level, in STAB mode all was OK but when I switched to ALTHOLD - my drone go crazy and smash to wall.
I looked to logs - after turning ALTHOLD drone got land condition (?), baro alt < 0, maybe this is a reason?

Log attached.
00000012.BIN (796 KB)
QUAD X, 450mm frame, pixhawk 1, no gps fix

Hello @Yuriy_Homyakov,

I just check quickly your logs, and there is a FAILSAFE-BATT trigger.

Maybe your battery was too low ? Have you checked it already ?

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It looks like a mechanical failure. In particular a failure of motor 3 (front left on a QuadX). My guess is the ESC has a low-voltage cutoff enabled. Many ESCs allow disabling the low voltage cut-off but it depends upon the ESC. The battery voltage, if correct, is very low at only 8.5 volts at the end…

Hope this helps