Crash may be because the bug on the SB5?

I dont know what a ESC opto isolated is. The ESC are powered with cables direct to a coper powerboard connected to the main battery.

Im using BLHeli ESC.

Here is the servoriel

And the connector to one of the ESC

And a picture of the ESC

Opto ESCs require 5V servo power because their electronics are not powered by the battery. These ones are battery-powered, so you’re okay there.

I’m out of ideas. I think that if this was caused by the I2C problem, the Cube would have rebooted normally. The ticking sound you heard may indicate a power shortage. The potential culprits in that case would be the BEC, the power selection module (on the carrier board), and the BEC input and output wiring.
Hard to say if the weird crackling sound it makes before booting up has anything to do with this, it may indicate “dirty” power, or maybe nothing.


I appreciate very much your help!

Im going to take the drone a part now and check If I found some broken wire.

Let you know!