Crash - help with bin analysis


I had a recent crash and am unsure how to analyze this bin file: 2019-03-27 10-53-18.bin (964.3 KB). I tried ‘Review a Log’ in MP and see a bunch of parameters on the right side that I can graph but I’m not sure which would be helpful in telling me what exactly failed. Could I please get some help with this?

Also, I’d like to get this data into Matlab if possible and tried clicking “Create Matlab file” under Flight Data >>> DataFlashLogs, but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Please also describe the crash situation, I’ll check out the .bin later.

Looks like vibrations are bit of an issue, I didn’t notice any other reason for pitch and roll to get out of control.
Check prop balance, and maybe even motors.

Also I think you should definitely calibrate your battery voltage and current sensors. It may have nothing to do with the crash this time but it is incredibly useful information to be recording in an electric flying machine! Without it battery failsafe cant work.

Please tell us what happened and what is your drone config.
From the log, I can see that your Yaw is out of control. Is it right?

there is no crash in that log.
and while the vibrations are within “bad, but acceptable” range, they are way too high for such smooth/slow flight.