CRASH! during AUTOTUNE - with video

Please help! My drone keeps turning sideways and crashing.

Skip to the last 20 seconds of the video to see the crash.

My build
Frame. Tarot X6
FC Pixhawk 2.1 Cube - Orange
ESC BLHeli 32 DSHOT150
Motors U7 420kv
Battery: Tattu 17000mAh 22.8V 6s 15C Lipo Battery

Autotune Crash

Log File

Parameters File

The video is private.

Also, please include the log of the flight so others can look and comment.

Video is now public! Thanks for the heads up.

Log file and param file links are now included.

Get rid of the tether, start Autotune from Position Hold, choose a larger area and try reducing AUTOTUNE_AGGR. Have you hovered this craft for awhile in an assisted mode for the Thrust Hover value to learn? W/o the tether of course.

Ok - will try that. Also, after looking at the log it looks like I had a problem on ESC#2. This ESC keeps blowing - going to replace the motor.

Hello, any updates? Is it properly working now?

I have updated my ESCs to industrial-strength Tiger Motor 80A Flame.

Working on getting them wired correctly and then on to tuning :slight_smile: