Crash at takeoff investigation help

Hi guys
any help will be welcome .
we trying to figure what Couse this crash
normal takeoff with normal payload .
i added log file and video
thanks in advance
00000060.BIN (204.5 KB)

It immediately turns upside down.
Are you sure that your motor orders are right?

yes ,
this was my second flight test,
the difference was 2kg payload i loaded at the flight that crashed( did that many time before)
how can you see the failure (if there was ) ?

Motor 2 was contributing little to no thrust on take-off as it was commanded to max. Motor 1 dropped to compensate and then there was a lack of thrust to stabilize the craft.

Why are you you on such old firmware? And most parameters are at default. Update to latest Stable and at a minimum perform the Initial Parameters Setup after all calibrations. This is found in Mission Planner, Setup>Mandatory Hardware>Initial Parameters Setup.

Thanks for the reply Dave.
What do you think can cause such a behavior from the motors?

It was flying pretty well with this settings / params
Before this particular flight
Thanks again

That’s typically not obvious from the log. Motor, ESC, connection, desync… If it’s flying a broken prop that you didn’t see fail.

Got a log w/o the payload?

I’ll will upload it tomorrow morning
Thanks Dave :pray:t2:

good flight without payload

I don’t think this craft as configured can take much if any payload. The average motor outputs are already ~1600 w/o it. Not too well balanced either.