Crash 16.5kg AUW VTOL


The model was doing a auto takeoff - land mission and because of some noise we heard from the model, we took over from AUTO mode to Q_LOITER, suddenly the model did a small dip about 0.2mt and after a second the model dipped to the motor 1 corner and flipped and crashed. No errors popped up on the messages tab of the mission planner.
I am attaching link to the log file for your reference.

We are using Carrier board + Cube Orange.

Looks like classic case of saturation/loss of thurst at quad motor in channel 1.

Right before total loss of control the ESC was commanded to full power while adjacent motor was commanded to idle to compensate.

I assume CH1…CH4 are the quad motors. Throttle usage looks strange to me, are all props and motors and ESCs same type and equal distance from center of gravity? Is Q ESC cal done properly?

Other possible causes

  • Overload (loss of sync → loss of torque)
  • ESC failure or bad connection to ESC
  • Motor/prop failure

hi @tkoivuro most probably it may be motor/prop failure as we use higher pitch props and that day it was windy and must have caused the esc/motor to heat up and crash.