CORVO DRONES - is it running Ardupilot or something else?

Does anyone know if the cardboard Australian drones being used in Ukraine are running Ardupilot?

And are they using their own FC or someone else’s?

Could be, could be not.
ArduPilot project chose to not endorse or help armfull drone project.

Anecdotal evidence suggests they are using ardu related firmware.

although not necessarily proof they use ardu they are using cube hardware.

I have it on fairly good authority that a lot of Ukrainian flyers are running Ardupilot on Matek H743 hardware.


Yup, given how hard they are to get nowadays. I wonder what they need H7 performance for.

Don’t you think the needs of warfare might require a little more functionality than Ardupilot offers out of the box?

At this scale it likely would be more economical to implement the features in C++ on F405 boards than to regularly blow up H7 boards running Lua.

They are using what they can get. Some are using f405 boards with a Raspberry pi 4 companion.

Are you sure that f4 are cheaper than h7 in bulk order? I am pretty sure I heard manufacturers say the opposite