Copter would not disarm from controller

Took off and had a RTL mode change based on low voltage. Went into ATTIHOLD then POSHOLD then manually landed. Once on ground held throttle stick low left and motors kept spinning. It also got some wind while sitting there and tilted for a few seconds (you can see in the log under pitch).

Had to disarm from mission planner and it disarmed.

Using the HERELINK, not sure that had anything to do with it as you can see in the logs the vehicle was showing the LOW/LEFT Throttle stick.

Would love some thoughts.


Annyoung Haseyo!

In my experience, the arming was not canceled because the rudder and throttle sticks were not maintained for the duration of the disarm delay, but the log shows that when you hold for more than 5 seconds twice There is. (disarm delay is set to 5 seconds-in your log)
Maybe the landing detector (code) did not recognize that the landing was completed due to the wind (including the ground effect), but more experts than I can explain. (In my case, I always add a stabilized mode to copter for this kind of case.)