Copter with Marvelmind can't hover in place. It is oscillating


I have a Copter using the marvelmind indoor “GPS” and I am trying to make it loiter in place.

According to the Marvelmind dashboard the tracing of the copter is perfect.

Is there a way that I can reduce the oscillation of loiter mode on the firmware? I have played with all the advanced params that seem to help, but the issue persists.

At this point I am suspecting that there is something in the firmware that makes the copter wanders.
Sometimes it starts circling with a 2ft radius, sometimes it starts going left to right with around 2 ft to each side.

I have tried multiple combinations on the advanced parameters and it only gets worse or it stays around the same.

Hi !Joseocasio, i have the same problem as you, did you fix it now ?