Copter Takeoff Code Issue

We fail to take off the copter in the guided_noGPS mode. When we test the code, we find the failure is caused because the !do_user_take_off_start(float takeoff_alt_cm) function in takeoff.cpp in arducopter which returns false. But the whole function (do_user_take_off_start(float takeoff_alt_cm)) only returns true at the start . I cannot see any part of the function that returns false. What is the issue?

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sorry for that my friend made the post, but can you help us understand the code

Codes related with GPSless guided mode located in here.
As you can see, this mode only allows you for angle control.
A quick search on Google for "guided_nogps" and clicking the first link gives the needed information.

This variation of Guided mode does not require a GPS but it only accepts attitude targets. Because it does not accept position or velocity targets like regular Guided mode it is generally not useful for regular users. This mode was created for use by companion computers that may want to fly the vehicle as if it was in AltHold mode.

In case it helps, a common misconception is that Guided_NoGPS should be used to control the vehicle in Non-GPS environments. This is partially true but the key difference between Guided mode and Guided_NoGPS is that in Guided_NoGPS the vehicle can only be controlled with the SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET mavlink message.

If you’re looking to do Non-GPS navigation where the vehicle controls its position but does not have a GPS then you can use regular Guided mode but the vehicle must still have some source of position information like an optical flow sensor, an Intel T265, etc. The possible methods are on the wiki here.

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Can you tell me what all modes support takeoff without using manual controls i.e commands from the MAVProxy ?


In general Auto mode is for running missions and Guided mode is for more real-time control from a companion computer or ground station. So I think these are the two modes to focus on.

can someone help me analyze this log

Here is your Log Analysis:
Mode change to GUIDED failed: requires position.

does GUIDED_NOGPS have takeoff capability using MAVProxy or DroneKit ? I wanted to try the drone in a lab where GPS positioning is not available

Thanks we were able to get the drone to takeoff using the MAVProxy commands / by using QGC when we got a good GPS lock

Hello can anyone help me analyze this log
1 12-31-1969 7-00-00 PM.bin (416 KB)

Also I have an optical flow sensor from OpenMV do I need a rangefinder with the same since I am getting a Bad OpticalFlow Health

Analyze what? Open that log you posted for yourself and see if you see anything useful there to analyze.

I wanted to know about the Optical Flow data is there some problem in the file I have submitted ?

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