Copter spinning yaw left on take off

What can cause the copter to spinning yaw left on take off?

I have 3.7 dev firmware

I have made all the callibration from start again and again

The first thing to check is to be sure there is no trim set on your transmitter…
After that I’d check that the motors are all level (If your copter has round arms, sometimes the motor mounts can twist). After that I’d start looking for a bad ESC or motor. A log file might help determine if a motor or ESC is bad.

I have upload 3.6.9 and the problem disappeared

But at 3.6.9 I can’t have tellemetry at Frsky taranis

I would start by:

-Center al the trims of your remote
-Calibrate your Radio with your FC, and be sure your sticks are pontin to the right channel. Normaly the chanell 4 is for the Yaw. You can check that in the radio calibration screen.
-Calibrate the ESC
-Motor-Compass Calibration

Then try again.


It would be easy to tell you why this is happening if you upload a flight log for us to look at. Otherwise, we can only guess…

Why do you say that you can’t have frsky telemetry with 3.6.9 ?

3.7 has built in uart inversion, and frsky needs to be inverted.
He technically could do it on 3.6, but would need a physical hardware inverter.

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