Copter: Quadrocuper with gasoline engine

Hello. I want made quadrocuper with gasoline engine. I will use servo drives to control the acceleration. Can I use the same firmware used for electric motors?

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean by firmware. I run a gas powered hexacopter and have throttle controlled by a switch on my taranis x9d transmitter. In terms of firmware I am just running basic arducopter/mission planner on the latest stable releases. So I believe the answer to your question is yes?

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I do hope you realise that it is not possible do to a quadcopter with four independent gasoline engines driving the four propellers directly.

You still need four electrical engines, an electrical generator and one gasoline engine.

I can change direction in engines

Even if you move them, you need to move them really fast. And they are heavy, the cost of the electrical servo motors used to move the combustion engines will be expensive.

hi @okotik
you can use main motors output for controlling servos directly as my experience by changing them in parameters or use aux outputs
i did this idea before and there is some problem
1 - high vibration of motors
2 - low response of gasoline engine
3 - no pid tuning my mean is no tuning at all

it was flyable but a little bit hard to control

I can use elektronik servos and it will be fast inaf

Yes i know it. But it will be mor powerfull

You need to controll the acceleration of the gasoline angines, but you will also need to move them in order to keep the copter stable. It will need to be something like a tricopter.

So you have powerfull electronic drives for both moving the petrol engine and changing the acceleration of the engine ?

i think its better to say more flight time and less cost
for heavy loading drones i prefer these motors (102KG thrust per motor)

Yes i have powerfull servos

Yes it cool, but flight time is 15 min max and price 2000 is wery expensive. I use dle 111 engines

Nice motor, unfortunatly Arducopter does not support “thrust vectoring” so you will need to implement that on your code.

I’m not sure I understand what you are doing with the gas engine(s)

  • Turning a generator with brushless motors.
  • 4 gas engines turning props.
  • 1 gas engine as a boost motor with brushless motors.
  • 1 gas engine turning thrust vectored (variable pitch) props.

I do not need thrust vectoring. It will be work alike motors.

I use 4 engines turning propelers 2 cw and 2 ccw

I don’t believe the gas engines will accelerate/decelerate fast enough for stable flight. The servo operating the throttle is not the issue.

I would agree with Dave here. My “gas powered” Hexacopter is really a hybrid (electric motors with gas generator for power). The servo control on the 2 stroke generator is very slow, although I do have it tied to a switch and not the sticks. I think you would find controlling the aircraft very difficult due to lag in the servos and response in the engines themselves. That being said I wouldn’t say it is impossible, just impractical.

Right. I would say of the 4 options I noted this would be the only one that won’t work. The other 3 we have seen actual flying examples of (obviously yours is one). Although the single motor with variable pitch props example used a brushless motor. Arducopter supports that:

Any success ? I would assume if you use pitch then it should also be possible with 4 gasoline engine. The issue is just how to get 2x CW and 2x CCW without gear/transmission etc