Copter Oscillating

I use a large copter with U8II 85 kv and 60 A Flame ESC, and 3.6.12 firmware… Here2 GPS.
When I try the fly without GPS Flight Modes, for example AltHold, the copter is very good, but when I try with GPS modes, Loiter or Auto, the Copter seriously awesomeness… I tried after AutoTune but the issue continue… Any solution please

what do you mean by “Copter seriously awesomeness”?

Hello Asim and sorry about my bad English. I mean the drone is Oscillating and be about to fall

Good day,
in case you have installled your fc directly on the frame, just add gel pads…, so you will reduce high vibrations., after adding the pads just perform a new calibration of the sensors.
In case just perform a weak autotune…

Have u done in flight Tunning?

Vibration can be caused by a number of factors. Your FC keeps it stable otherwise.

Check motor mounting, frame stability, FC should be on a damper platform.

Post your bin file. We can check it.

Hell David and Asim
Ok I’ll try with gel pads… And know I’ll share with you the bin file
00000002.BIN (144.5 KB)

Good day, looking quickly your log file, you have high vibrations in the Gyro and Acc, just reduce vibrations on your fc (use gel pads), check screws of the frame…must be tight, just perform a new calibrations and a weak autotune

I actually couldnt get much out of that log file, it would be much better if you set


and do another test flight

Good day, ok I’ll install gel pads and change Log Bitmask to 141310 parameter and share with you the result