Copter: onboard mag calibration does not start if HereFlow is used

Hi, I am trying to use hereflow for my quadcopter on either the Cube Purple or Cube Purple. Initially I went with firmware ArduCopter version 3.6.10 (stable). However in the full parameter list on Mission Planner, the param ‘FLOW_TYPE’ is missing so I could not enable the hereflow.

So I tried firmware ArduCopter 3.7 (latest), which I was able to get the hereflow working. However, when I tried to run the onboard mag calibration, nothing happens as shown below. I tried to calibrate my compass on QGroundControl as well but same thing happened, which is nothing.

I tried on both cubes and there isn’t any errors. Do anyone know why is the param ‘FLOW_TYPE’ missing in 3.6.10? Or why do the mag calibration not work for 3.7?

The mag calibration process just hangs or nothing happens when I start the calibration.