Copter not respecting pos hold command

When put into pos hold the copter just “floats away” as if it were in Alt old mode.
After doing a TX calibration the copter then respect the position hold mode.

If you review the logs you will see that there is no difference before and after as far as channel 5 signal is concerned. In other words it should have gone into position hold before the calibration.

GPS is good, no other errors that I can see.

This has happened recently on another drone where it flies fine for 10-20 flight then all of a sudden is drifting in position hold mode. Calibrate the transmitter and all is good. At first I thought perhaps the transmitter was drifting but it would really have to drift a lot for that.

So either the transmitter calibration is correcting the issue or it’s just dumb luck that it works after the calibration and there is some other EKF issue

Transmitters are all Horus x10s, dragonlink

Here is a link to download the offending .bin file with the floating starting at 16:06:10

File may be private. No way to download…

Drift in position hold: could be bad RC trim, high vibrations with EKF issue, GPS issue, corrupted RC signal…

Thanks Mlebret, I updated the link see if it works now.

Agree all those things can cause issues in pos hold. However the next flight after this all I did was a transmitter calibration (which was already done before) and then the mode work and has been working for 10 half hour flights after that…

The reason I post is that this exact same thing is happening on two other drones (floats in poshold, calibrate TX and it hold pos like a champ after.

Your log file requires permission

Hi all, some more digging here. Even more strange things happening.

I will upload two flight logs. First one you can see that in poshold mode the drone drifts, but here is the kicker. If you fly sliding the drone to the right… the drone stopped and held position. When flow to the left the drone just kept on drifting away like it was on ice.

We finished that flight in auto mode, landed, changed batteries.

At beginning of next flight we did a transmitter calibration and then the drone hold position perfectly for the rest of the flight.

I am not sure what is going on but we have seen this on multiple drones, all running 3.6.11 (latest)

Any thoughts? hopefully the logs come through as not private. Please let me know if there are access issues.