Copter not disarming


I recently flew a short mission, The mission appeared near perfect low vibe ect and I decided to allow the copter (quad Pixhawk 2.1 ) kde esc and motors) lad in auto after the mission completed… I had "autotuned the copter a month or more prior and never checked it for ossolations on RTL… the copter looked great until…

It touched down but the motors did not disarm instead they continued and after a few minutes the drone tilded backward causing the 2 rear motors to stop as they hit the ground… I then helt the copter down to prevent any damage… I was hoping someone could look at the log and give me insight as to why this happened and assure me it will be of to fly (I ran a motor test since and all motors spin up correctly and in the correct direction… log is at link below!AmW8JONezY1Ugftcf-42hntC4hTjGg?e=xZWgUz

thanks for support


you could check parameters: