Copter liftes off very unstable and then flips off

when i try to takeoff my copter.when i raise the throttle little bit it startes the motors fast and when i raise more throttle it just lift off little bit and very unstable and flips over after.please help if anyone nows this problem and its solutipn.please help.

The tipical solution is that you did not connect the motors properly, check the documentation to see the correct correspondence between AP outputs and motor inputs. If you would have had searched this forum you would had found the answer faster.

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I have checked everything and the motors directions and wirings are also right.but when I move sticks little bit left it flips over in that direction.please help.

After every assembly, we always run the Motor Test to check the order and the rotation direction. Do that first.

But before that, you have to calibrate your remote, then your ESC, and then you can try the motor with the motor test

Good luck!

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Ok. I will try it. Thank you

i tried that but it does not worked.please help with another dream is that my drone flies perfect.please help me to make my dream come true.please reply.Thank you.

and i checked the motors directions and everything but everything right.thank you for your help.please help me with another solution.

What doesn’t work? If the motors don’t run in Motor Test you have other problems. If this is what you are sying did you try to increase the throttle percentage? Maybe 10-15%. This test needs to be done succesfully to determine proper motor order and direction.

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the motors did not spin because it was connected to usb cable with my pc.not with battery.and i checked the motors direction and propeller drection and everything another way.When i checked i found that everything was correctnothing was wrong.Now what should a do?please help.thank you.

you should connect your battery and do the steps alberto said. I could not understand why you didnt connect battery

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I understand but if i will onnect the battery and usb cable at the same time then the apm 2.8 board will burn.because the power will come with two sides and that will be over power for but i can do it with telemetry but i do not have telemetry.

i think that the problem is parameters.Before when i flied my drone perfect and saved that firmware.I will try to upload that saved firmware and then the parameters of that firmware when it flied perfect will load.And then i will try that it will fly perfect like that time or not.OK?Thank you very very much for help.Please keep supporting and helping me in any problem.Thank you.

Please reply.Thank you.

ı see, there are people burned APM while connecting both usb and battery however some people never had this problem . ı think it is risky. maybe you can perform this test giving throttle gradually and see motor directions and responses.

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I wonder if there are such parameters. I dont think so

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Is the direction of the flightcontrol correct?

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yes.forward is facing forward.thank you please reply.

APM 2.8 and you have posted in the Copter 4.0 thread? You are in the wrong place.

And before those Flight Controller were obsolete (5 yrs now) I had several APM’s and never had a problem with USB and battery power connected at the same time.

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People with an APM 2.5 from 2013? Come on man.


Thank you for help.I have found the firmware of that time when my drone was perfectly flying and uploaded that firmware.Hopefully me drone should fly perfect like that time.Please keep helping and supporting me in any problem.Thank you for help.Please reply.Thank you.