Copter from ship - improving bad compass/toiletbowl on/after takeoff. (and "in flight YAW alignment")

I have been flying from ship the past two days.
Tested 3DR Solo, and one 23kg (no payload) X8.

in both cases, after takeoff in stabilize (or PosHold/Loiter) - the vehicle will be prone to toilet bowl, or at least poor flying.
Flying a short rectangular or hexagonal shape, nose-ahead, helps EKF fix it, and it will fly fine until rebooted, or hovering too long near ship.

It is my impression that postponing in flight yaw alignment until well away from the ship would be better.
What do you think ?

Yes, I’ve found that some applications need to have a higher yaw realignment than the Arducopter default. For example, in order to launch from the roof of a factory, I had to set the alignment to happen at 5 meters. This value is defined in the firmware, so you’ll have to compile it yourself if you want something different.

I know, do you agree that increasing the altitude (having more time/opportunity to get away from the magnetic interference) …should give better result ?

Yes. Like I said, setting the alignment to happen at 5 meters instead of 2.5 allowed my copter to fly without compass issues when I was launching from areas with strong local mag fields.