Copter flips on takeoff...I've checked all the usual suspects

SOLVED! Don’t configure motors late at night boys and girls. I completely forgot that 1234 do NOT match ABCD. I caught that on the first build but I didn’t scroll far enough down the page this time. It flys great now.

EDIT: Param file attached

The 550 sized quad with a Matek F405 STD flew just fine when running iNav.

This is my second Arducopter build. My first build flew flawlessly and didn’t do this.

I’ve checked and rechecked motor order and spin direction. According to the motors tab and the documentation, they’re spinning in the right direction and in the correct order (Different from iNav…I had to manually re-map them as all connections are direct solder).

I’ve also set the board and compass orientations so the artificial horizon acts as it should and the compass heading follows the direction of the nose of the quadcopter.
Despite this, the quadcopter shakes under throttle and then flips before it can get off the ground.

Something I find odd is that the Matek F405 STD is mounted in a flat and level forward facing direction. It shouldn’t need any adjustment. In iNav I didn’t need to do anything orientation wise. However Arducopter saw the board as rotated anyway so I experimented with settings until I got the Artificial horizon acting correctly.

I can’t get logging to work unfortunately so I can’t attach any. I can give a settings dump tonight when I get some free time…Just wondering if there’s some bone headed thing I may have missed. My first Arducopter build was also using a Matek F405 FC and It flew great on the first try.Daya550.param (13.9 KB)

Yeah, 1234-ABCD enumerating system is really confusing.