Copter Flip over when mission engage auto take off

Copter Flip over when mission engage .
need help identifying what the motors are doing when arm.

  1. also need to know the time period between Arm , take off , first waypoint
    is theres anyway to adjust the timing between these steps I cant find parameters related to it

  2. Does the motor Spool up in parameters has anything to do with the autotakeoff squence. if you have a Large multirotor large motors spoolup slower , how to compensate for it on auto take off

log_125_2020-9-16-16-13-58.bin (306.3 KB) log_126_2020-9-16-16-24-18.bin (703.4 KB)

First of all update to ArduCopter 3.6.12 or even better to ArduCopter 4.0.4.

  1. No there is no way to speed it up. It does it as fast as possible.

  2. No it has not.

Copter flips are typical of motor order miss-configuration, or miss-configuration of one of the *_ORIENTATION parameters.

clearly it has nothing to do with motor orientation order
since the drone flew when take off on RC
Loiter Mode
Althold mode
Pos Hold


Arm .> takeoff on Loiter mode > Auto

something between Arm and Motor Spool up seems to be messing things

What is your mission like? is the first waypoint some distance away and the craft is trying to move laterally before it’s even got off the ground?

I try to set the first waypoint at some height and roughly straight above where you expect to launch. That way the craft will fly straight up with minimal sideways travel.

If you’re using spline waypoints set the first waypoint (at least) as a standard waypoint - then you know exactly where in space that will be. Probably even set your last waypoint as a standard waypoint too. Spline waypoints give a “3D” path so the craft may fly in a curve higher or lower (or further off track) than what you expect in order to reach the next spline waypoint.

Check and set WP_NAVALT_MIN,3 (3 meters or as much as 5) so the craft will rise to that altitude before trying to move in any other direction.

Take off to 5m altitude then fly to a point with in 10m then RTL . just to check if everything is working. at Nav_wp speed 1.0m/s speed

it does have a weird pitch up motion when the motor starts spining

I will put the parameter on default I suspect the ESC that I replace might cause imbalance in lift on spool up .