Copter drifts leftward in AltHold mode, Minor overshooting in Roll in Loiter mode

I’m not sure about it’s hardware problem or PID tuning problem. Because when I’m flying in loiter mode my drone was quite stable, but in althold mode drone drifts leftwards.
One problem I noticed in loiter mode, When I performed roll then it was small drifts after braked.
I’m sharing the log, please help me out.

Your PIDs seem OK.
Did you make level and gyro calibrations?
Also, check your vehicle is balanced on roll and pitch axes.

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Thanks @Mustafa_Gokce
Yeah I calibrate gyro and accel before flying.
Drone is quite balanced.

LOIT_ANG_MAX at 8 deg doesn’t help. Set it to 0 for equal to ANGLE_MAX. And increase LOIT accel and jerk if you like,