Copter does not hover in Gazebo when LIDAR sensor attached on top

Hello, I managed to run the Arducopter SITL with Gazebo. Now when I fixed the Hokuyo sensor on the top of the frame, the copter does not hover and crashes after takeoff. I think it is due to the weight of the sensor. Is there any settings to balance it ?

I am having the same issue with the iris. I lowered the mass quite a bit, but that doesn’t seem to help. You can copy and mess with the hokuyo sdf file to play with the mass, etc. I also tried the velodyne and that was more stable, but very heavy.

Have you gotten anywhere on this? Are you getting DISTANCE_SENSOR messages on the arducopter side for the hokuyo?

Hi, Yes I fixed that by changing the inertia values(ixx, iyy and izz) in model.sdf file to 0.0001.