Copter cannot arm after upgrade 3.6.11

Hello after upgrading to 3.6.11 the copter cannot arm. It just produces a single beep when I keep the throttle down and the rudder bottom right. The EKF and the pre-flight checks are all ok.

Could you please send log file with log when disarmed =1

Please download from here

Your safety switch is not engaged. And it prevents arming.

I always engage the safety switch before I try to arm. The safety switch led goes solid red and the led light from pixhawk is flashing green .

No GPS lock (~ 5 sats) and you have Fence enabled. If you want to arm under those poor conditions disable Fence.

I disabled fence but still I cannot arm. before I could arm even with no GPS.

even if I disable all the pre-arm checks it doesn’t arm. All the motor tests that I perform are successful and it doesn’t seem to be a power problem.