Copter Altitude problem (error/bug) while moving to a higher altitude?

I have a mission plan where the copter takes off and goes to 20m. The altitude for the 3rd waypoint is 110m, so while moving from 2nd to 3rd waypoint the copter rises to about ~123m and then reduces to 110m while moving to the 4th wp.

As you can see, the copter rose to 121m and then went down to 110m.
This is the flight plan used:

Is this an expected behavior? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

@arjun7965, I think it may be the expected behaviour because it is a spline waypoint. Splines are calculated in 3D so it’s possible it could climb higher that the waypoint’s alt.

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Randy is correct. With spline waypoints if you want to estimate what will happen at that waypoint (#3) take the waypoint before it (#2) and the waypoint after it (#4), draw vectors in 3D space from #2 to #3 and from #3 to #4. The actual path of the aircraft as it passes thru the waypoint (#3) will be approximately the average of those two vectors.

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Thank you @rmackay9 and @ChrisOlson