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Copter 4+ unstability with SF40 lidar

Hello friend,
I have a quad 18kg 30inches props. It it flying well. I added lidar SF40 on bar, distance 50cm from PS antenna. Copter is flying, but suddenly starts instability and waving on Pitch. In log appears some problem with mag field. I dont know why. Could you please give me some advice? Log is included.
Many thanks

you have too high vibrations when flying.
Also, for some reason, the voltage and current you do not log, go bananas as it starts to oscillate.
So does VPP, almost to brownout levels.
So you need good stable power supply for the flight controller, better damping, and voltage/current monitoring would not hurt.

Hello Andre, thank you for your answer. Please could you translate me your message to normal speech? bananas??
Anyway vibrations are under 25 and power source for AP is independent Mauch stabilized brick. Current and voltage is not logged. It is flying good, problem appears only when using SF40. Power monitor is present, but not logged. Why the Mag fields starts oscillate?

You seem to have the same issue, as I had with my SF40, where sometimes the range decreases to a certain value.

I sent mine back to LightWare, but this may be a driver issue after all. My topic: Errorous readings with SF40c

Thank you for your answer. I am going to send it to Lightware for testing and repair.

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