Copter-4.4.2 released!

Copter-4.4.2 has been released as the official version for multicopters and traditional helicopters. The changes vs 4.4.1 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below.

  1. Autopilot related enhancements and fixes
    • BETAFPV-F405 support
    • MambaF405v2 battery and serial setup corrected
    • mRo Control Zero OEM H7 bdshot support
    • SpeedyBee-F405-Wing gets VTX power control
    • SpeedyBee-F405-Mini support
    • T-Motor H743 Mini support
  2. EKF3 supports baroless boards
  3. GPS-for-yaw allows base GPS to update at only 3Hz
  4. INA battery monitor supports config of shunt resistor used (see BATTx_SHUNT)
  5. Log VER message includes vehicle type
  6. OpenDroneId option to auto-store IDs in persistent flash
  7. RC SBUS protection against invalid data in first 4 channels
  8. Bug fixes
    • BMI088 IMU error value handling fixed to avoid occasional negative spike
    • Dev environment CI autotest stability improvements
    • OSD correct DisplayPort BF MSP symbols
    • OSD option to correct direction arrows for BF font set
    • Sensor status reporting to GCS fixed for baroless boards

Special thanks to our beta testers and those devs who contributed to this release!