Copter-4.3.2 released!

Copter-4.3.2 has been released and can be installed using MP or QGC or can be downloaded directly from

The changes vs 4.3.1 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below.

  1. uBlox M10 fixes to reliably provide 5hz updates
  2. Autopilot specific changes
    a) CubeOrange defaults to using 2nd IMU as primary
    b) SIRF and SBP GPS disabled on BeastF7v2, MatekF405-STD, MAtekF405-Wing, omnibusf4pro
  3. Bug fixes
    a) AutoTune gains loaded correctly during pilot testing
    b) Camera driver’s CAM_MIN_INTERVAL fixed if pilot manually triggers extra picture
    c) EKF3 fix when using EK3_RNG_USE_HGT/SPD params and rangefinder provides bad readings
    d) Main loop slowdown after arming fixed (parameter logging was causing delays)
    e) Main loop’s fast tasks always run (caused twitches in Loiter on heavily loaded CPUs)
    f) MAVLink commands received on private channels checked for valid target sysid
    g) ModalAI cameras support fixed (ODOMETRY message frame was consumed incorrectly)
    h) Param reset after firmware load fixed on these boards
    - BeastF7v2
    - CubeYellow-bdshot
    - f405-MatekAirspeed
    - FlywooF745Nano
    - KakuteF4Mini
    - KakuteF7-bdshot
    - MatekF405-bdshot
    - MatekF405-STD
    - MatekF405-Wing-bdshot
    - MatekF765-SE
    - MatekF765-Wing-bdshot
    i) Siyi A8 gimbal support fixed
    j) Windows builds move to compiling only 64-bit executables

Thanks very much to the beta testers and developers who contributed to this release!


Thank you so much for changes


Thank you Randy and the Dev team,may I wish all the team a very Happy Xmas and a prosperois New Year.


I have just upgraded my Kakute H7 V2 and no issues noted. Thanks for all the effort to make this version a success. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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I’m curious why the default IMU for the Orange Cube was changed to the 2nd IMU.

And what was the previous default?

Many thanks!

does that fix resolve the Solo Gimbal issue Solo Gimbal no longer enabled on AC 4.2 · Issue #20923 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub ?
Thanks and happy holidays everyone!

Hi @mtbsteve,

No, I’m afraid not. This fixes an issue where a vehicle would consume a message meant for another vehicle (e.g. with a different mavlink system id) if it arrived via a “private” channel.

Hi @jstroup1986,

This question came up during beta testing too

My understanding is that some CubeOranges had some sort of hardware issue that caused the first IMU to reset quite often. My understanding is that the 1st and 2nd IMUs are both of the same quality so using the 2nd one is a better default choice.

I’m afraid I don’t have any information on how many CubeOranges are affected. I fly them all the time and I haven’t noticed any issues and I haven’t heard of any crashes because of this issue… but I’m really not the expert on this issue.

FYI @bugobliterator

Thank your Randy.

Since Cube Orange+ uses different IMU’s, I wonder if the issues existed with it - and if the revision has any different result between the Orange and Orange+ cubes.

I’ve gotten occasional EKF Lane Changes - but I’m not otherwise sure how to tell if in IMU was reset on a mission. Is there a way I can check for this in my logs?

Many thanks!

I have just upgraded my 3" sub 250gr copter omnibus F4 nano V6.0 and no issues noted.
Sabilize, loiter, poshold, flowhold, RTL works well. Thanks

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so ICM20602 is the culprit or ICM20649? if ICM20649 is the culprit, then why is ICM20602 dropped in Orange+?

IMU3 Orange+ part number corrected.

ICM20602 is extremely difficult to get, and ICM42688 is simply much better… hence the change on orange+

Later next year, ICM20948 will also be replaced

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There is an ongoing bug that has randomly been showing up with the ICM20602, it causes temperature readings to be corrupted leading to an internal error.

While we continue to investigate the cause, we have moved it to be the second IMU, rather than primary.

In temperature testing at the factory, the sensors are actually performing perfectly up to 100 degrees C, so we are still investigating why we see errors on cubes from this device.

A pr is on its way to rectify this matter


Link to ICM20602 issue fix

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This may explain the errors I’m having. Good to know. I will update my firmware and see if this resolves my 169 imu_reset problem.

Thanks for your work!

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I don’t think Orange Cube IMU order is the best. I get less vibes on IMU2 compared to IMU0 and IMU1

Check that you have
to ensure the correct IMU is the primary.
That graph looks OK, none of those vibes are worth worrying about, maybe the difference between the damped and non-damped IMUs is because of some resonant frequency.

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