Copter 4.2.1 Gyros not healthy / GPS 1 failing configuration checks


I did yesterday the first flights with a new quad equipped with a CUAV Nora+, Neo 3 Pro and the CUAV H16 radio. The quad flies overall very well. But I get all the time a “Gyros not healthy” message. The strange thing is, it appears for a short time, a few seconds the message is gone and I’m able to take off. In the most cases I only notice the beep tones from the gps module that the system doesn’t pass the prearm checks. But sometimes it sends a message to the ground station.

The second message I get is the “GPS 1 failing configuration checks” Never seen this before. I have 3 other quads with Nora (copter 4.1.5)+Neo3 Pro without any issues.

I look into the data logs and can’t find any issue.

Link to the data logs: 2022_06_10_Flight Logs - Google Drive

Thanks for having a look into the data logs.


Do an IMU temperature compensation calibration.

The Gyros not healthy message now only appears from time to time. I did a temperature imu calibration between 10 and 50°.

But the GPS failing message appears on every restart. What’s the problem here?
And sometimes not all motors start… Then I reconnect the battery and all motors start. I had this issue with standard pwm mode (with big temperature differences, motors starts in warm environment, but not in cold environment), but with dshot150 never before…

We use a refrigerator and do an IMU temperature calibration between -15 and 60° C
I suggest you do the same.

GPS always fails until all satellites are in full view and tracking is stable. You do understand the the GPS signal intensity is bellow the noise level, and that it only works because it uses pseudo random codes, right?
The EKF also needs some time to settle, so you do need to ignore some errors while booting

EDIT: sorry, I now noticed the concrete GPS error message. You should not ignore that specific error, something is wrong with the configuration. Did you try to update the GPS firmware?

Sorry for the late reply. I was six days on the field (over 300 flights) flying my new built agricultural drone. The good thing, I had no crash and the system worked very reliable when it’s in the air. But those issues appears:

  1. GPS 1 failing configuration checks message on every startup
  2. Gyros not healthy message also appears very often, mostly in the early hours at lower temperatures. In the afternoon the message appears more rarely.
  3. Sometimes after I armed the drone not all motors start. I disconnected and reconnected the battery and all motors started. Seems to me like a startup issue… I’m using the DShot 150 protocol. The ESC is a Hobbywing 4in1 60A. I have built a lot of them and absolutely no issues so far.

For the following points:

  1. I will ask CUAV for support
  2. I noticed that the Nora+ doesn’t use the same gyro/sensors as the starndard Nora. I have 5 Nora flight controller without any issues. Is the issue maybe related to the updated sensors? Are the limits for the error message maybe set to strict? Prodcut LInk=>CUAV Nora+ Flight Controller | Autopilot For PIX and APM Drone Hardware – CUAV Official Store
  3. Do you have knowledge from similar issues? If I’m right this issue could happens with standard PWM signal due to temperature related oscillator drift. But the DShot 150 is digital protocol and shouldn’t suffer from this problem, right? I added two new log files: 163 => not all motors start, 164 => all motors starts

Many thanks in advance

  1. Yes, sometimes ESCs do not start properly (I’m using dshot 600). On ArduCopter 4.3-DEV there will be a arming check that will use ESC telemetry to check that all motors are rotating before increasing throttle to takeoff (thanks to @andyp1per ).
    Our in house build software does that already using ArduCopter 4.1.5 and an ESC telemetry mavros plugin that I wrote, that is not yet integrated into mavros.

Keep us posted on CUAV replies. We also use CUAV-X7 and have around 200 flights on it. Congrats on your testing campaign!

If you can use dshot 600 you should find it more reliable than dshot 150. Motors not arming is down to the BLHeli32 detection protocol - there are certain gaps expected and with dshot 600 the gaps between pulses is larger allowing a greater chance of success for the protocol

@andyp1per Thanks, I will change the protocol to dshot 600 and test it

I will keep you updated about the CUAV replies

@buckker At what temperature did you start it and it failed? Please set LOG_disarmd to 1; it will log after startup, I need to use the log to find the source of the failure.

Do have the boot delay parameter set to allow CAN devices (the GPS) to boot up first?

@cuav_le I will share a log with LOG_disarmd set to 1, thanks a lot

@xfacta Thanks for the hint. I don’t think so, but I will check and let you know about the results

@cuav_le please have a look at the 0000163.bin I have already set LOG_disarmed to 1. Also the “Gyros not healthy” message is included in the log file

@cuav_le i too have similar issue with X7 pro

LOG_disarmd set to 1, please provide me the log.

@buckker Can you tell me the temperature of the current environment and all the extended hardware?

The log file is from last week. We had temperatures between 14° and 35°C.

Those components are connected to the Nora:

  • Lightware LW20 Lidar
  • NEO 3 Pro Compass/GPS Module
  • Hobbywing 4in1 60A ESC
  • CUAV H16 Air Unit

In order to solve the problem more efficiently, do you have skype or facebook?

@buckker In order to solve the problem more efficiently, do you have skype or facebook?

I have Skype. I will contact you tomorrow. Whats your Skype name?