Copter-4.1.3-rc2 released for beta testing

Copter-4.1.3-rc2 has just been released for beta testing. The changes vs 4.1.2 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below:

  1. Enhancements
    a) CUAV-X7 servo voltage detection support
    b) Support for IIM-42652, ICM-40605 and ICM-20608-D IMUs
  2. Bug fixes
    a) Autotune twitches at no more than ATC_RATE_R/P/Y_MAX param value
    b) Debug pins disabled by default to prevent rare inflight reset due to electrostatic discharge
    c) EKF3 reset causing bad accel biases fixed (never reported on a user vehicle)
    d) Main loop delay fix for boards with 16 bit timers (affects KakuteF4, MatekH743, MatekF405, MatekF765, SpeedybeeF4)
    e) MOT_MIX_MAX constrained between 0.1 and 4.0 (would previously reset to 0.5 if set too high or low)
    f) Polygon Fence upload fix when replacing fence with one that has fewer points
    g) RC protocol detection fix that forced PH4-mini users to powerup autopilot before transmitter
    h) SmartAudio high CPU load fix (previously it could starve other threads of CPU)
    i) TradHeli fix for missions which continue after a Land command

Note, this release is going out just 2 days after -rc1 because we found and fixed a couple of important bugs very recently.

In particular 2b resolves an issue found where a CubeOrange on a Kore carrier board reset during bench testing (and the same thing could happen in flight).

2a caused a crash on a large quadplane in AutoTune mode and could theoretically cause the same problem on a large multicopter.

Any feedback on testing is greatly appreciated.