Copter-4.1.0-beta8 released for beta testing

Copter-4.1.0-beta8 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded using the ground stations’s (MP, QGC) beta firmware links. The changes vs -beta7 are in the release notes and copied below.

Changes from 4.1.0-beta7

  1. Enhancements
    a) Flywoo F745 Goku Nano support
    b) MatekF765-SE support
    c) Scripting support for getting circle mode radius and setting rate
    d) Scripting support for new Guided mode controls including acceleration control
  2. Bug Fixes
    a) ATC_RATE_Y_MAX applies to all modes including Loiter
    b) ChibiOS scheduling slip workaround to avoid occasional 60ms delays found on MatekH7
    c) EKF2 divide-by-zero protection when using optical flow (issue only found in simulator)
    d) External AHRS (e.g. VectorNav driver) init fix
    e) KakuteF4Mini SBUS fix
    f) Pixhawk4 blue and red LEDs swapped
    g) Position control fixes to limit initial desired accel (horizontal and vertical) which could lead to an excessive climb or descent
    h) TradHeli takeoff in Guided fix

Thanks to all your testing and reports we are definitely getting closer to the stable release with all the big issues now out of the way leaving relatively small issues to clear up.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to try and clearup all the “Issues requiring investigation” so you might see some pings from me here and there asking the reporter to re-test because I suspect a lot of them have actually been resolved.

Thanks very much for all your feedback and testing!


Plan to test it soon on one of my frames today.

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I believe it was already suppported since 4.0?

EDIT: Looks like this is about MatekF765-SE

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Thanks for that correction, fixed above!

Flown this version on my micro copter with GSF enabled. There was cloudy so GPS suddenly lost good HDOP midflight. There were GPS Glitch and EKF Variance messages, and Loiter become slightly strange. So I switched to Stab. Then after a seconds GPS become good again and EKF recovered fast, and there were no issues then.

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I’m configuring the notch filter for my mulitirotor following the guide, I used the firmware server to make a pixhawk1-1m with dsp. I noticed that after I did the fft_enable=1 and reboot, when I did ins_hntch_enable=1 it gave me a parameter set error unless I also set this other parameter ins_notch_enable=1 which i don’t see mentioned. Just thought i’d mention this, haven’t flown yet

The two are unrelated. For FFT you need both HAL_WITH_DSP and HAL_GYROFFT_ENABLED set on your custom build.

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Just wanted to say I tested out Beta8 on the weekend with my trusty F450 running a Matek F405-std. It was remarkably uneventful. (Just how I like my flights) Considering how bad the vibrations are on that quad it flies really well. If you’re looking for data I can post a log.

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cool I going to test Beta as well now i have a good reference and everything is working well.

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Did some Autotune testing on a 7 Inch Iflight Chimera frame today, and found a few strange issue’s during this run.

Is position hold still the way to start-off the Autotune, as it looked like there was initially no Position Hold at all… Drone slowly drifted away, while the autotune did it’s thing, Just Pitch and Yaw only.
Only after a while it stabilized the position and the drifting stopped completely. (no change in wind for sure)… The strange thing was that loiter was perfect/firm without any drifting…
GPS started with 13 Sats, and improved to 18, Hdop around 0.78

After looking at the log files after the test flight a found a lot of GPS Glitching which may have been the reason initially…

However there looks like a repeating sequence of Glitches, which I have never seen before in my logs.
Flight Controller is a Matek F405 STD, GPS is pretty old Ublox NEO M8N
Which might not be fully supported any longer?

The BIN file: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
Picture of Glitching: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I hope someone has an Idea related to the GPS Glitching?

Hi @FPVDroneEG,

Drifting while in autotune is normally because the vehicle was switch to AutoTune mode from AltHold… or the roll, pitch or throttle sticks are not centered… it is most often the stick positions that are the problem and sometimes it is because the RCx_DZ is set too small so any stick position appears to be non-zero.

But the drifting occurred while it was in PosHold, and that puzzled me a bit…., I would expected a kind of fixation you get in Loiter…, and that a little Wind would not impact the Tune….

A little wind, no matter how little, will impact the tune. The copter will drift. It is your responsability to bring it back.

Ok thanks, so Poshold is simply not as fixed as Loiter…

Good to know !

As per the Wiki:
AutoTune performs a weak position hold if invoked from Loiter or PosHold

“weak” being the key word there.

Thanks Dave, Randy

So Autotune itself will enable a weak PosHold ?
Years ago you had to switch to PosHold and then Invoke Autotune, on a separate switch…
That has indeed changed since the earlier versions of ArduCopter.
Good to know !

I am using Arducopter since 2014, and version 3,14, and have been testing quite some beta versions during the years…

Yes, if you switch into it from PosHold or Loiter. If it’s switched from AltHold you will have to re-position as it drifts around.

Thanks I’ll try the Loiter first option next time.

So just to be clear, the “PosHold” flight mode should hold position just as well as Loiter mode. AutoTune also holds position (if the mode was Loiter or PosHold just before the vehicle was changed to AutoTune mode) but it doesn’t not use the PosHold or Loiter flight mode to do this. Instead it does a weak position hold which will lead to it drifting around a lot.