Copter-4.1.0-beta released for beta testing!

WARNING: There are known issues with BendyRuler in beta1. Please wait for beta2 before testing BendyRuler.

We have just released Copter-4.1.0-beta1 for beta testing and it can be installed using the ground station’s beta firmwares link. If using MP, click “beta firmwares” on the bottom right of the Firmware Install screen, confirm the label changes to “Copter 4.1.0 BETA” and then push any of the multicopter icons (they will all install the same firmware).

This is the first release of 4.1 so there are undoubtedly issues so please be careful.

If you find issues, please create a new “topic” in this Copter 4.1 category and include an onboard log if possible. The dev team will be actively investigating and tracking reports.

For SCurve related issues (navigation in Auto, Guided and RTL modes) Leonard Hall will be actively investigating issues reported in the “SCurves issues” topic.

The list of changes is in the release notes and also copied below.

Changes from 4.0.7

  1. EKF changes:
    a) EKF3 is default estimator (EKF2 is available as an option)
    b) External AHRS/IMU support (e.g. VectorNav)
    c) Gaussian Sum Filter (GSF) allows emergency yaw correction using GPS
    d) GPS-for-yaw (dual F9 UBlox, Septentrio, NMEA GPS can provide yaw)
    e) Lane switching logic improvements
    f) Sensor affinity (improves sensor failure redundancy)
    g) Source switching for GPS/Non-GPS transitions (see EK3_SRCx_ parameters)
    h) Yaw estimation and reliability improvements
    i) Wind speed estimation and barometer interference compensation
  2. Control and Navigation improvements:
    a) Acro “air mode” support (see ACRO_OPTIONS)
    b) Auto mode arming and takeoff (see AUTO_OPTIONS)
    c) Circle options to face direction of travel and/or init at circle center (see CIRCLE_OPTIONS)
    d) DO_LAND_START command support for landing sequences
    e) Horizontal Velocity controller gets feed forward and logging
    f) Position controller update to remove hard-coded Alt Hold velocity derivative and other enhancements
    g) Rate PID slew limiting to to detect and suppress oscillations
    h) SCurves for waypoint navigation
    i) Yaw imbalance check
  3. TradHeli improvements:
    a) Conventional and compound helicopter SITL dynamic models improved
    b) Intermeshing rotor and coaxial rotor support added to Dual heli frame
  4. 6DoF frame support
  5. Object avoidance:
    a) BendyRuler hesitancy improvements
    b) Intel Realsense 435/455 camera support (companion computer required)
    c) Obstacle database now 3D
    d) Obstacle filtering improvements
    e) Obstacles ignored in cylinder around home (see OA_DB_ALT_MIN)
    f) Obstacles ignored near ground (see PRX_IGN_GND)
    g) Vertical BendyRuler
    h) Simple avoidance backs away from obstacles (see AVOID_BACKUP_SPD parameter)
    i) Simple avoidance accel limited (see AVOID_ACCEL_MAX parameter)
    j) Simple avoidance enabled above min altitude (see AVOID_ALT_MIN)
    k) Simultaneous Dijkstra and BendyRuler path planning
  6. Compass enhancements
    a) Custom orientations
    b) In-flight learning improvements (see COMPASS_LEARN = 3)
    c) Large vehicle calibration support (e.g. point vehicle north and push button in MP)
  7. Intel RealSense T265 support (see VISO_TYPE = 2, companion computer required)
    a) Position and velocity from external sources accepted at up to 50hz
    b) Resets from external sources accepted
  8. New autopilot boards
    a) FlywooF745
    b) iFlight BeastF7 and BeastH7
    c) MambaF405v2
    d) QioTekZealotF427
  9. IMU improvements:
    a) temperature calibration
    b) faster gyro sampling on high performance autopilots (F7 and faster, see INS_GYRO_RATE)
  10. New drivers
    a) AllyStar NMEA GPS
    b) BMM150 as external compass
    c) CRSF and SRXL2 RC protocols
    d) Dshot (bi-directional) for RPM telemetry
    e) GY-US32-v2 lidar
    f) HC-SR04 lidar
    g) Intelligent Energy hydrogen fuel cell
    h) Lightware SF45b lidar
    i) MSP protocol support (and DJI DPV systems)
    j) RichenPower generator
    k) Rotoye smart battery
    l) RunCam Split 4 and RunCam hybrid support
    m) Smart Audio
    n) SMBus batteries up to 12 cells
    o) USD1 CAN radar
  11. Harmonic Notch Improvements
    a) Bi-directional dshot support
    b) Double notch support (see INS_HNTCH_OPTS = 1)
    c) In-flight FFT (see INS_HNTCH_MODE = 4, FFT_* params)
    d) In-flight learning of throttle notch using in-flight FFT
    e) Notch per motor support using ESC telemetry and notch-per-peak with FFT (INS_HNTCH_OPTS = 2)
    f) Notch slewing and increased update rate to avoid “shot” noise
    g) RPM status driven from harmonic notch input
  12. Scripting enhancements:
    a) Button, Proximity, RPM sensor support
    b) DO_ mission commands can be triggered from scripts
    c) I2C sensor driver support (i.e. allows writing sensor drivers in Lua)
    d) Logging (i.e. allows Lua scripts to write to onboard logs)
    e) Mission item read support
    f) Motor drivers support allowing custom frame types and 6DOF
    g) Pre-arm checks (i.e. allows writing custom pre-arm checks in Lua)
    h) ROMFS support (allows writing scripts to ROMFS instead of SD Card)
    i) Serial port support (allows reading/writing to serial port from Lua)
    j) ToshibaCAN ESC usage time read support
  13. Other enhancements:
    a) Baro parameters start with BARO_ (was GND_)
    b) Barometers get device id for easier identification
    c) ChibiOS upgrade to 20.3
    d) CRSF passthrough for Yaapu widget
    e) DShot rates increased (see SERVO_DSHOT_RATE)
    f) Filesystem/MAVFTP expansion including @SYS for performance monitoring
    g) GCS failsafe timeout configurable
    h) MAV_CMD_DO_REPOSITION support
    i) MAVFTP performance improvements
    j) Serial option to disable forwarding of mavlink to/from a port
    k) Serial ports may use shared DMA for better performance
    l) Spektrum VTX control
    m) Spektrum SRXL2 listen-only device support
    n) Vibration logged for all IMUs
    o) @SYS/tasks.txt, dma.txt, uart.txt for near real-time inspection of system performance
  14. Bug fixes:
    a) CAN GPS ordering fix (previously order could switch meaning GPS_POS_ params were used on the wrong GPS)

Thanks very much for helping us out with beta testing!


Exciting!!! Thanks Randy and team!

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Wow what a list of improvements.
I can’t wait till it goes gold.

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In addition, OSD parameter editor and Frsky OpenTX GCS, and numerous RCx_OPTION additions, and HOTT telemetry


What a massive release!

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Really impressive!!!


What’s an OSD Parameter editor. I assume thats for onboard OSD’s.
Sounds interesting.

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Here’s the new wiki page re the OSD param editor.

This is great, and its various functions surpass other firmwares!

Is the flight status of Quad FPV optimized?

I thought it would be something like that.
Thanks @rmackay9
I don’t have an OSD like that so it’s of no use to me, but I can see it a great benefit to others.


Dshot (bi-directional) for RPM telemetry;How can this function be turned on and used?

The docs aren’t merged yet:

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Thank you very much for seeing the configuration description, but unfortunately I didn’t find the description: servo_ BLH_ Bdmask, so it doesn’t work properly. Do you know the reason for this problem?

It’s only supported on firmware that are named “XXXX-bdshot”

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Thanks for the guidance. I think I understand

I’m back again. I’m sorry I burned it: copter: version to 4.1.0-beta1. There is still no parameter

Thanks - Very cool as usual! :slight_smile:
@rmackay9 Question: where can I find the code for the Intel realsense Object Avoidance? All I can find is an apsync image for the up2 but I would need to get access to the source code
since I am using an Nvidia Jetson instead as CC.


It may be best to talk to @rishabsingh3003 but in any case, the object avoidance code itself is all in ArduPilot. Mostly in the library/AC_Avoid folder. Hopefully Rishab can point you at the python scripts that are responsible for pulling data from the camera and sending to ArduPilot.

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What flight controller and what firmware did you use?

F4 by and copyer4.1.0-beta1