Copter 4.0.0 Cube Orange: Frsky SPort Passthrough stops working

Found a new Problem with my vehicle, after a few seconds the S-Port Passthrough stops working (sensor lost). With Cube Black i had this Problem only if the copter was armed. After changing the Log bitmask to lower data it worked there. This trick doesn’t work with Cube Orange, also it stops even when disarmed. Should i increase the log buffer from 50 to what?

Do you have a DIY cable ? Is the MAX3232 powered at 5V ? It may overheat.

All my parameters are default and it’s not stopping.

i use this TTL to RS232 converter with a diode soldered directly to RXD and TXD… has worked so far with Cube black


Read this

I built all my cables like that, and added that diode - see posts 3 and 4, no need to scroll down more - and never had any problems. Don’t know if your chip is toast, but try adding one see if it helps.
If you don’t have one readily available, any old power source should have four of them inside :wink: