Copter 3.6 and Blheli_32 no curr info

I upgraded my smal quad to blheli_32 ESCs (HakRC 30A) It looks good I was flying a few minutes but I cant get current info from ESC.
Temp, volt, rmp are reported OK but curr=0
Blheli_32 ver 32.6
How do You think. Is it problem with esc or arducopter 3.6 software ?

i just played with 3.6.0 today - i had same usual esc telem data sent same way as with 3.7dev last code and current was in there. i have 32.4 software on escs. you can try to downgrade to 32.4 but i doubt it is the issue. also, if arducopter receives the stream esc sends and shows other telem values - it is not arducopter issue, most likely.

Hi Paul

It’s strange that when I turned on the telemetry ( in blheli suit) I see a lot CRC errors in Mission Planner, temp, volt, rip are displayed but no current info. When I turned off telemetry, CRC errors disappear

Ignore mission planner. Look into the log produced when armed, at ESCx messages.

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I hesistate to say anything because I’ve never used BLHeli ESCs, but I see that the BATT_MONITOR parameter has a value 9 called “BLHeli ESC”. I would have thought that if this was selected (and the board rebooted), the BLHeli ESC’s voltage and current would be used in place of a battery monitor.

Yes, it works. The confusion here is, i think, the same i had, is the fact that mission planner now is quite a piece of garbage with some parts working, some not, some values right, some not. Etc.
So it gets really confusing when one tries to use it to look at real time values as some simply do not show up correctly. But dataflash log should have it there. And, value 9 should also work. I have it used on owl build where both current and voltage cone from 4in1 esc telemetry stream. Arducopter code does what it should do. Mp still shows nothing, like esc is not communicating. Garbage app.


Have you reported the issues with MP in the MP issues list? It’s good to be as detailed as possible.

I don’t think calling MP “garbage” is very helpful.

I’m not sure, if it is a MP problem.
It was already mentioned somewhere here in the forum and it is also my observation, that the “esc*” readings are only visible in MP, if MP is connected via USB.
The readings are not visible in MP, if connected via telemtery serial.
It is not so nice to fly with USB-cable connected, since OmnibsNanoV6 also has no dataflash to look at :slight_smile:

I had a brief look in the code. There a checks, if the transmit buffer has enough space to take the telemetry payload. I’m not really familiar with the code, but maybe ths is could be starting point.

My OmnibusNanoV6 with Ori32 works quite good with BLHeli telemetry. Except the current is way off. BLHeli max. current calibration of 154% is not enough. Would need more than 200% on 2 of the 4 ESC. But I think this is an issue of Ori32. I’m currently try to use BATT_AMP_PERVLT in my own Copter-build to calibrate also the BLHeli current. But no good results yet.

Hi all
I changed BATT_MONITOR to 9 but still curr=0 , volt, rmp, temp are reported OK . I looked into the log and curr=0
I attached log file, maybe I do something wrong…
I next week I will try change ESC to racerstart tattoo 42 and next step is to downgrade firmware to 32.4 or lower.
Reporting curr for each esc is not critical for me now but in future will be very useful
Regards (417.1 KB)

Hi! Have you found any solution to get it working? It seems I have the same problem like you had.

Guys, I have same problem in Dec-2021,any solution please share.

are you running dshot?

Yes,DShot600. It shows incorrect current value

what escs are you using?

T-Motor P50A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1

That Esc doesn’t have a current sensor. Not all blheli32 ESCs with telemetry have a current sensor, I suspect that’s the source of a lot of these issues.

It has 1 current shunt resistor for total current. The signal is on the CRT pin of the header. You will not have current on ESC telemetry. That requires a shunt resistor for each of the 4 channels. Some 4-in1’s have those, most don’t only total.

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It might be worth putting that in the wiki with the esc telemetry since its clearly been a common issue.

Here is an example of a 4in1 with 4 shunt resistors (Ori32 I have one).
This gives Current via ESC telemetry. Current calibration is done in firmware with blheli suite.

I think the problem is a lot of people assume blheli telemetry means you’re getting everything from each esc and don’t realize it might have analog current measurements or none at all depending on the esc.