Copter 3.6.7: FLTMODE_CH not changing Current PWM

I’m using a Pixhawk 2.1 black cube, Lemon RX PPM receiver . My Spektrum DX7 TX has gear on CH 5 and I’m using landing gear so I set FLTMODE_CH to 6. Clicked write parameters, rebooted the cube. Param map says FLTMODE_CH set to 6, but Current PWM still says, and is using CH 5 on MP flight modes page.

Try any other channel but 6.

Tried 8 no luck. I don’t see any posts where anyone has been able to successfully change it in copter. I’d like to submit as a bug since I am not familiar with the source code. What is the preferred way to do that?

Edit: I’ll look at the code and if it’s a bug I’ll fix it and submit the pull request

I suspect it’s actually a Mission Planner display issue. The way to check would be to see if the flight modes are changing correctly or not… i.e. don’t rely on the green bars shown on MP’s flight mode setup screen but instead look at the mode the vehicle is in (visible on the HUD).

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That is exactly what is happening. I set FLTMODE_CH to 6 (which is flap mix on a DX7) and sure enough I get beep acknowledge from APM as well as the mode confirm on the HUD when moving the flap switch. Thank You!

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A big thank you for the solution to this. I am using AP 4.0.4 and have spent the past hour scratching my head why i could not change the flight mode channel to 12. I was also looking at the green bars on the flight mode page, and, like above, they were not changing. I am in the middle of setting up this build and i had every mode set to manual before i moved to channel 12, so i did not see any changes in the actual text above the green boxes. After reading this i changed each of my flight modes, and sure enough, they were changing - it was just Mission Planner not moving the green bars! Thank you for solving this headache for me!