Copter-3.6.6-rc1 available for beta testing

Although it hasn’t been long since Copter-3.6.5 was released we have a few more fixes available in Copter-3.6.6-rc1 which should be available for beta testing within a few hours using the Ground Stations’ Beta Firmwares links.

The changes are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below:

  1. AP_RSSI fixes and minor enhancements
    a) RSSI pwm input driver for ChibiOS
    b) add V5 Nano to RSSI_ANA_PIN parameter description
  2. Bug fixes and minor enhancements
    a) TradHeli roll trim ramp time fix
    b) First Spline waypoint no longer skipped and minor navigation timing improvement
    c) RC override (from GCS Joystick) disable fix (command to disable overrides could be interpreted as real input)

Most won’t notice any differences vs 3.6.5 unless you have been unlucky enough to bump into one of the items listed above. Still, any testing and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I’m wondering if anyone has given 3.6.6-rc1 a try? I flew it and it seemed fine but I’d love to hear some more feedback from others before pushing it live…

Tried it on a 450 size quad, 3DR Pixhawk 1, and initially observed no difference to 3.6.5

Couple of minor ‘things’ I noticed:
In RTL I could not make overrides with the RC sticks to reposition the copter on the way home.
Landed in Loiter, did not have the throttle stick all the way down, switched to Stab and got the 2 tone rejection signal, copter remained in Loiter. This only happened the once and I could not reproduce it.

Was only able to test Stab, AltHold, Loiter and RTL

I went to get the log file and found some strange compass errors when connected.
This was not present before the flight.
Compass variance
then after a reboot
Check Mag Field
Compass not Healthy

Log file

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